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Application Guidelines

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Applying for a character is very easy, but it does take a little bit of work. This is your chance to tell us how you envision a character you want to play, and how you'll play them. First, here are a few rules to follow:

1. No repeats of characters already existent within the cast. We can't have more than one Reaver running around, despite how fun that would be. It would be mayhem! So if someone has already claimed a character, I apologize, but you cannot put in an application for them. Should someone leave us permanently, and a character become available, you can apply for it, but your portrayal must at least follow that character's current motivations within our canon so that the flow of the story is not interrupted. If you are unsure of which characters are taken and which are available, see the Cast tab for more information.

2. You can play up to three characters in total, but each must be applied for.

3. If you have more than one character, you must post for each of them at least once a week. Failing that, you do have a brief forgiveness period of 2 days before you will be contacted and reminded. If you have lost your muse for one of them, contact LyricTheBard with a request for a small hiatus for the character and the amount of time you think you'll need to get your muse back. After that time is up, you can apply for another hiatus if you still do not have your muse. No more than six hiatuses in a row will be granted. After that, we will ask that you drop the character until your muse for it returns or someone else picks it up.

4. While applying, it is understandable that you may not be able to finish the application all in one go. Mark your application as "WIP" in the title, and you'll automatically be granted two weeks to finish the application. The character will be considered on reserve until the application is completed, provided you were the first to request that character.

5. Fill out the application template completely. Any information that does not apply to your character should be marked "N/A". Do not leave it blank.

6. All characters must have a faceclaim, whether it be a celebrity, a cartoon or comic character, your own artwork, the artwork of another person (PERMISSION FROM ARTIST IS REQUIRED, and you must CREDIT the artist in the signature of your profile), or from one of the games itself, and you must provide at least one picture in your application. This is so that, should your character be accepted, we can add it to the Cast Gallery.

7. In order to apply, you must create a new topic on the Application board, titled with your character's name (and WIP, if your application is not finished).

8. Please keep the application simple and clean, with any unnecessary information not included. A real person does have to review these, and the longer the application, the longer it will be before you are approved!

9. When you have completed your application, notify LyricTheBard via the contact tab, and your application will have been submitted for review. Please allow 24 hours for Lyric to look over your application. If you've been accepted, Lyric will notify you by way of email.

The application template can be found in another topic. Any questions can be asked by contacting LyricTheBard. Happy roleplaying!


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