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Oliver Robin (OC)

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1Oliver Robin (OC) Empty Oliver Robin (OC) on Mon Oct 12, 2015 12:52 pm


Guild Initiate
Guild Initiate
About the Mun

Username: AsherKingofWeebs
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Oliver Robin (OC) Oliver10

The Basics

Name: Oliver Robin
Nickname(s)/Titles: Sand Viper, Thief-Lord, That Asshole
Age (appearance): 24
Age (actual): 24
Gender: Cis Man
Sexuality: Bisexual/Aromantic
Species: Human
Sub-Species: Hero (undiscovered)
Place of Birth: Aurora
Relationship Status: Widowed (by his own hand)
Hair: Choppy and short near the front and even in the back a little, the rest of his unruly black hair pulled back into a ponytail that reaches just past his shoulders.
Eyes: Somewhat angular, with one eye a rich gold, while the other is a deep emerald green.
Frame/build: Slim and muscular, Oliver toes the line between healthy and dangerously skinny.
Height: 5’11” even.
Aprox. Weight: very skinny
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Oliver has several scars running the length of his body. The most recognisable are those spanning his hands and forearms, two that cross over his chest, one over his right deltoid, and one over his bad eye. He also sports three tattoos; one of a butterfly on his right shoulder, one band around the other shoulder, which marked him as an Auroran slave, and one running the length of his abdomen.
Powers/Skills: Oliver was trained as an Undertaker from a young age, and as such, he has experience with a vast number of toxins, making him a bit of a poison master. He also has unawakened Hero Powers, mostly focused in the Skill area.
Weaknesses: Oliver is afraid of drowning, darkness, and dismemberment, and he has a slight aversion to fire.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Personality: Oliver is a trickster; however, this does not mean he cannot be serious. He may seem light-hearted and carefree, but those traits are only there to mask the cold sadist he really is. He also has a rather dark sense of humour. He believes his values of right and wrong are the only correct options, acting purely on his own desires and attempting to smite anyone who tries to stop him. Anything that even slightly displeases him can change his mood from cheery to annoyance instantly, which may then change to anger. He would gladly betray all he has cared about to get ahead, and his sympathy for the poor extends almost exclusively to children and the sick.
History: When Oliver was quite young, he lost his mother, coming home to find her body in pieces and strewn about their home. He was then taken in by the local Undertaker, under whom he trained for ten years, inheriting his master’s incredibly small fortune when he became lost at sea. However, Oliver was new to the trade and unsure of the value of money, and he was forced to become a prostitute to stay alive, until he was forced into a life of indentured servitude by one of his customers. He then used his easy access to the nobility to begin a life of thievery from the rich and giving to the poor, during which he fell in love with the daughter of his current master. They married in secret, and when her father found out, he had his daughter executed in the heart of the city, and boiling hot oil was poured over Oliver's arms, scarring him up to his elbows. After he killed his 'master' in retaliation, he began an assassination ring of nobles. He had many spouses during this time, most of which were his victims, easily lured into his tortured soul act. His most recent spouse turned him in to the authorities after he made an attempt on their life, after which he was eventually captured and sent to the Gallows. However, he managed to escape by the skin of his teeth, drowning his spouse before he joined a pirate crew for passage to Albion. Oliver arrived in Albion a year prior to the events of the rp/comic, where he quickly fit in with Dweller society as the resident Undertaker/apothecary. However, he will sometimes make trips to various towns.
Family: None living.
Likes: Gaudy/flashy items, particularly ones reminding him of Aurora, auroran incense, sweet foods, and crows.
Dislikes: People who dislike his jokes, corrupt nobles, the sea, dogs.
Quirks: Lopsided grin, turns his head so that his one good eye faces forward when he focuses on someone, fingers twitch when annoyed, as if reaching for his gun. He often fusses with the bandages on his forearms if he is nervous about appearances, and he toys with his lip ring when in deep thought.
Character Strength: Expects betrayal from anywhere, and therefore is constantly alert for strange behaviour; extremely perceptive.
Character Weakness/Flaw: Quick to anger, holds grudges over seemingly menial issues.
Current Financial Status: Poor, though he steals from the rich still to feed his community.
Carried Weapons: Scimitar and Desert Fury pistol.
Other Important Facts: Oliver’s mother was an auroran Dweller and his father an Albionish businessman, for whom he is named. He sometimes wears a mask which he pilfered from a highwayman and emblazoned with bits of shiny he found. His skills as an undertaker make him remarkable with a needle and thread, as well. He was born blind in his right eye. He is a nymphomaniac and is addicted to opium. He also generates a small profit in Bowerstone by selling smuggled opium to the working class.

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Ancient Of Aeons

Ancient Of Aeons
Application accepted! Welcome, Oliver!


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