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Application Template

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Before applying, please read the Application Guidelines!

About the Mun

Username: Your Username.
Number of characters attached to account: Enter the amount of characters you play as here.

(Character Picture)

The Basics

Name: Your character's full name.
Nickname(s)/Titles:Any nicknames or titles your character might possess.
Age (appearance):How old does your character look?
Age (actual):How old is your character?
Gender:Cis Male, Cis Female, Agender, Trans Man, Trans Woman, Gender Fluid?
Sexuality:Straight, lesbian, gay, asexual, pansexual, demisexual, etc, etc. Not to be confused with gender. This is noting the gender they are attracted to.
Species:Human? Balverine? Faerie? Banshee?
Sub-Species:Hero? White Balverine? Pixie? White Banshee?
Place of Birth:Where was your character born?
Relationship Status: Single, taken, married, not interested, etc.
Hair:Color, length, and style.
Eyes:Color, size, shape.
Frame/build:Their physique in detail. Are they muscular? Are their shoulders square or slim? Do they have a long neck?
Height: How tall is your character?
Aprox. Weight: About how much does your character weigh? Does not have to be exact weight in pounds. If you don't know, you can just say whether they are skinny, average, overweight, fat, or obese.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Does your character have any tattoos? Describe them. Do they have a peculiar birthmark or scar that sets them apart? Describe them.
Powers/Skills: Is your character magical in some way? Do they possess some powers? Name and describe them here. Are they particularly skilled in anything outside of their powers? Describe.
Weaknesses: What is your character physically or emotionally weak to? What are their fears?


Alignment: Where does your character fall on the D&D Alignment Chart?
Personality: What's your character's personality like?
History: Briefly tell us what your character's life has been like up until this point.
Family: Does your character have any family?
Likes: What does your character like?
Dislikes: What are the thinks your character can't stand?
Quirks: What kinds of quirks does your character have? Do they fidget a lot? Do they have a certain word they tend to say often? Is their grin lopsided?
Character Strength: What are their personal strengths? Are they kind? Can they keep a cool head in an emergency? Are they well grounded?
Character Weakness/Flaw: What are some character flaws they have? Are they quick to anger? Are they forgetful?
Current Financial Status: Rich, poor, middle or working class?
Carried Weapons: What are their most used weapons? Do not count the ones that they do not use, but own.
Other Important Facts: Anything else you'd like to share about your character that you think is important? Put it here! Remember to try to keep things short and to the point, but informative.


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