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Canon Character Application (Ben Finn)

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Aaron Eckhart (Face claim)

The Basics

Name: Benjamin Finn
Nickname(s)/Titles: Ben
Age (appearance): 42
Age (actual): His exact age is unknown, but it is known that he was fifteen when the Hero of Bowerstone died.
Gender:Cis Male
Species: Human
Sub-Species: Possibly Heroic
Place of Birth: “Gunk”
Relationship Status: Single
Hair: Short, golden-blonde, messy
Eyes: Ice blue, almond-shaped.
Frame/build: Semi muscular, lean.
Height: 6 foot
Aprox. Weight: Average; 165-183 lbs.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Ben has scars mainly from being in the army, though you rarely ever see them. They are faded with time, mainly small and almost like cuts, from sword blades. Luckily he hasn't been shot. Yet.
Powers/Skills: He has a surprising accuracy with firearms. He even downed three Hollow Men at once, or so he claims. He's semi decent with a sword, but since his hands are small, it's easier to manage using a gun.
Weaknesses: Ben is your average mortal man, who has weaknesses like any other, one of them being women. Otherwise, he normally isn't the one who opens up to people. He can usually be emotionally detached considering his past was full of empty lovers; falling in love with many women. He covers his pain with jokes, and he can hold a grudge depending how badly he had been hurt.


Alignment: Neutral Good.
Personality: Ben is an adventurous individual, describing himself as a 'vagabond by trade'. He possesses a good nature, trying to do right by the people even if that was not necessarily doing right by the law. This mentality is what drove him to abandon his adventure-seeking lifestyle to join the Albion Royal Army. Between his sense of loyalty and his camaraderie, Ben Finn makes for a fine companion both on and off the battlefield. He is infamous for his sense of humour, also finding time to make some acerbic comment or throw out a witty comeback. The only time that this is ever dialed back is during the battle against the Darkness. Accompanying Ben Finn's sense of humour, his adventurous streak, and his self-perceived dashing is a keen and regular interest in women. Ben mostly jokes with and teases women.
History: Throughout most of his life, Ben has never truly felt at home anywhere. Raised by his shop-keeping parents, who often struggled to buy shoes for Ben and his brothers and put food on the table, Ben and his brothers had to find other sources of sustenance, money and entertainment. Though once he did leave Gunk, he had experienced many things and lived life to the fullest, until he met a man in Bowerstone who would change his life for the better and offer him a career that would give him what he longed for the most: a sense of belonging, a new family and a lawfully gained wage. After he events of the revolution and the disappearance of the Queen, things were in shambles throughout Albion. Ben tied his best to maintain the Military branch as they attempted to establish order for the better of the kingdom, but it only grew more divided. He stuck with what he knew best and remained loyal to the army despite the complications, and remained a believer that one day their hardships would pay off and Albion would one day rise from its darkness.
Family: His entire family is deceased. His eldest brother Jason died in a duel with an irate farmer. William, the second eldest, was arrested and taken to Bowerstone, never heard from again. [In case of spoilers, read Blood Ties]. His third brother Quentin earned a bounty on his head for gambling debts. His mother died, grief-stricken by the death of her three sons. Later in life, Ben's father had passed naturally.
Likes: He likes to write about his past travels and adventures, he had always had an interest in reading as well. Once in a while, he would find joy in having a go at the shooting range and trying to one up himself each round. And of course, being in the presence of lovely women, though his standards have risen since his youthful years.
Dislikes: Ben displays a much darker streak, normally after one of his friends or family are threatened or hurt.
Quirks: Even without much effort, Ben always makes a joke to lighten the mood or just to keep things fun. When he's nervous or anxious, he will usually reach back and rub his neck awkwardly.
Character Strength: Ben has always been cool about things, and he's not quite good at throwing together a plan. He kind of just 'coasts' by in life, though when he's usually trying to do good in his life, he somehow gets sucked back into the criminality of it.
Character Weakness/Flaw: Ben is quite stubborn once his mind is set, and even though he's loved for his humour, sometimes he can crack a joke at an inappropriate time.
Current Financial Status: Growing up he was poor, but now that he was part of the Albion army, he had earned more funds, but still qualifies as a middle-class citizen. Ever since the chaos
Carried Weapons: His beloved rifle Vanessa, in which he named after the first woman he slept with, and a sword (which looks exactly like the Wreckager from Fable 2).
Other Important Facts: None to be listed at this moment.


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Ancient Of Aeons

Ancient Of Aeons
Application accepted! Welcome, Ben Finn!


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