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Emira Wolfe-Walker (OC) Application

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1Emira Wolfe-Walker (OC) Application Empty Emira Wolfe-Walker (OC) Application on Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:17 pm


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Guild Initiate
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The Basics

Emira Rose Wolfe-Walker
Nickname(s)/Titles: Em, Emmi
Age (appearance): 24
Age (actual): 24
Gender:Cis Female
Sub-Species: N/A
Place of Birth: Emira was born in Bowerstone Market
Relationship Status: Single
Hair: Natural copper toned hair, medium length, usually kept up or braided
Eyes: Blue, almond-shaped, can look wide eyed.
Frame/build: Ivory skin tone, semi muscular (due to working), lean and slender
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Aprox. Weight: 133 lbs.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: She is a natural ginger, so she has dozens upon dozens of freckles on her body. Across her face, shoulders, back, legs, etc. Her hands are also slightly calloused due to working with her hands most of the time, so she has marks at the tips of her fingers.
Powers/Skills: Though she is no hero, she longs to be one. She is exceptionally well trained with firearms and swordplay, though she does lack the finesse sometimes, but she makes up for it with determination. She also has a great skill of forging weapons thanks to working alongside her dad, who was a smithy for many years. Though she prefers the old bow and arrow days, she can definitely tell when a pistol needs readjusting, or a blade needs to be mended from damage. She can spot the little things.
Weaknesses: She is sometimes weak willed; she has a huge issue with saying no. Every person that comes to her for help, she wants to do all she can for them, though half the time she is being used for her kindness.


Alignment: Neutral Good.
Personality: Emira has a great sense of humor and can laugh at most anything, though sometimes she can take it a bit too far. She's outgoing and bubbly most of the time, except after going through her hardships with her fathers' death, she had become a bit more serious and distant. When meeting new people who have an interest in speaking with her, her old bubbly self comes out to play, though she has dialed it back quite a bit.
History: She was born and raised in a working family, most would describe it as a normal life and childhood. Her mother worked as a bar maid at the Cock in the Crown, her father worked as a smithy. After she was born, her mother died during childbirth, so it was up to her father to work and raise her. She was taught many things growing up while she had been taught by a private tutor, though her father had struggles with keeping up the payments, so she lost that privilege halfway through her education. She adapted by reading as many books as she could and learning things from the locals, though most was either gossip or silly myths.
Family: As of right now, her only family is deceased. Her mother died during childbirth, and her father fell terribly ill.
Likes: History of the Old Kingdom, reading about the Heroes of old (and new). Forging weapons, sketching when she has the free time.
Dislikes: Arrogant and manipulative people, balverines, certain foods.
Quirks: Out of boredom or when she's lost in thought, she will instinctively twirl a finger around locks of her hair, or she'll run her fingers through it and mess it about. Tapping her fingers when impatient came from her father; he would constantly do it at his work station on a slow day. She also bounces her leg while sitting when she's feeling the same; impatient or anxious.
Character Strength: She is a kindhearted woman who would probably give the clothes off of her back if necessary to help another. She is also fiercely loyal to those who treat her the same, and she would even die in their honor just because she cares.
Character Weakness/Flaw: Emira is pretty gullible, never really having to experience the world first hand. When her father died, she had finally left Bowerstone in search of her possibly only living family member, across the map and toward Brightwall Village. She can be naïve, but later along her travels, she meets people who help her understand when to be tough. Sometimes she can even be too trusting; her father taught her to find the good in all people. Sometimes there is no good.
Current Financial Status: She is currently considered the middle/ working class. Taught to blacksmith, she makes her living selling weapons, and even does some bar tending on the side when the smith life is slow going. Her education was decent, but remains unfinished, so she studies at the library whenever she can to learn all she can.
Carried Weapons: She had replicated the Tea Killer Shooter pistol once when her father first became ill, and it was suppose to be a gift for him. Emira also carries a pair of daggers she made to replicate the look of the Channeler sword. She takes pride in making her own weapons.
Other Important Facts: Emira has always been an impressionable girl, wanting to do as the Heroes did, or even just trying to live up to her fathers expectations and be the best smithy she could be. She doesn't believe in being helpless because she's a woman, so she'll often jump into a fray when she really shouldn't, defending the helpless or just to prove a point.


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Ancient Of Aeons

Ancient Of Aeons
Application accepted! Welcome to the group! Topic locked, and will now serve as a profile for your character. You can edit it at any time, but no new posts can be added.


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