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Dr. Thomas C. Whittaker (OC)

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Ancient Of Aeons

Ancient Of Aeons

About the Mun

Username: Ancient Of Aeons
Number of characters attached to account: 3

Dr. Thomas C. Whittaker (OC) 1468894c2c31e345eec241b53bdad704

The Basics

Name: Dr. Thomas Collin Whittaker
Nickname(s)/Titles: Doc, Doctor, Tom
Age (appearance): Early to mid-thirties.
Age (actual): 36
Gender: Cis Male
Sexuality: Biromantic, Asexual.
Species: Human
Sub-Species: None.
Place of Birth: Bowerstone Old Quarter
Relationship Status: Single
Hair: Brown, wears it a bit long, and he has side burns that almost could be considered mutton chops.
Eyes: Large, almond-shaped blue-green eyes
Frame/build: Average build, but with broad shoulders
Height: 6'3”
Approx. Weight: Average
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: N/A
Powers/Skills: No powers, but he is an extremely skilled doctor and surgeon, and is considered one of the best in the nation.
Weaknesses: He is lonesome due to his inability to properly socialize with others. His cold demeanor often is mistaken as rude, when in truth, he simply has very little in the way of social skills. He does try, and he longs to be accepted, but as it is, he has few friends. This is a sore spot for him, and he's fallen into a deep depression because of it on more than one occasion.


Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: He is a highly intelligent, passionate, caring person with an ardent wish to heal and help people in any way that he can. This, however, is often lost in translation, as his lack of social skills, odd mannerisms, and obsessiveness tend to get in the way. This doesn't stop him from trying very hard to fit in, and though he doesn't always understand people's emotions and may sometimes say something hurtful or thoughtless, it is never intentional and he does his very best to learn from his mistakes.

It's not unheard of that he'll be so involved in his work that he'll forget to eat and will neglect to interact with others. He becomes so focused on a task that he forgets the passage of time, and nothing else matters to him. He behaves similarly with his studies, and when asked about either work or whatever is his current obsession at the time, it is very difficult to get him to stop talking or to switch subjects.

He stresses easily and does not handle it well. When overworked or stressed beyond his limits, he will become frustrated or irate and will tend to snap at others, and if the problem is not resolved soon, he will eventually withdraw into himself and shut down. He's introverted and will avoid overly crowded areas like the plague, and he's claustrophobic. He's also very quiet and withdrawn. It takes a lot to get him to come out of his shell. He repeats himself often, even when what he's saying doesn't make much sense. This is because he has trouble communicating his thoughts and feelings verbally, and when he is not understood, he will grow increasingly more frustrated because he can't express what he's trying to say in any other way than how he has presented it.

History: Born to Dr. Thomas A. Whittaker, a touted physician who had served in both the Crawler Attack and the Samarkand War, and Rachael M. Reynolds, Tom and his sister Cecilia grew up with many opportunities. Both were incredibly intelligent from the start, and their parents were quick to give them the best education money could buy. He and his sister were very close, as few matched their intellect and they were both often bullied when in school. Tom felt as though Cecil (for that was what she liked to be called) was the only person to truly understand him, for even their parents would grow exasperated with his inability to cope with social situations. Cecil was there for him, though, and she helped him in not only with making friends, but also with his studies and motivation when he became depressed. Cecilia had a great love for the sciences while Tom shared in his father's love for healing the sick and injured. When his father died, he inherited his practice and a small fortune, and he quickly surpassed the late Dr. Whittaker's achievements and became the highest recommended doctor and surgeon in Albion.

However, when the death toll began to rise and illness began to run rampant throughout the country, aiding the people of Bowerstone was not enough. After struggling with indecision and a fear of change, Thomas left the city to join the band of so-called “Heroes” to lend his skills to helping those in need. This was a much more fulfilling job, and for several years he enjoyed it. He made a few close friends, and felt more at home than ever before. But then whispers of rebellion and revolution began, and they made him nervous. He wanted no part in such a thing, but he had grown fond of the heroic group of well-meaning individuals, even if most did not understand him.

Once again, indecision and fear plague him. Betray the trust of his friends, or turn his back on what he believes? It is a hard decision, and one he has yet to make.


  • Dr. Thomas Arnold Whittaker (Father, deceased)
  • Rachael Martha Reynolds (Mother, living in Bowerstone Old Quarter)
  • Miss Ophelia Kensington (Sister's mother, deceased)

  • Cecilia Whittaker (Younger half-sister, geneticist)

Likes: Work and study, helping others, talking about his interests and what he knows, quiet alone time, reading, sketching
Dislikes: Being useless or not having the answer, being friendless and lonely, being so socially awkward, intensely social situations, small spaces, crowds
Quirks: He tends to stand ram-rod straight, with his shoulders squared, and walks very stiffly. He will also fidget when he is nervous or stressed, and in order to combat this, he will often hold his hands behind his back to keep from fiddling with his hat or clothes. He also speaks in almost monotone, and will describe things oddly. For example, he refers to his sister as his sibling, always.
Character Strength: He's very dedicated to his cause, and is also very shrewd. He'll notice things that most would not, and can tell when someone is lying or see inconsistencies in a setting.
Character Weakness/Flaw: He does not handle stress well.
Current Financial Status: Wealthy, due to inheriting his father's practice and a portion of his fortunes upon his death.
Carried Weapons: Despite being a pacifist, he does carry a pistol for emergency situations only.
Other Important Facts: Although it has yet to be discovered in this era, it is important to note that Tom has Asperger's Syndrome, and he only feels completely at ease around his sister because she understands him more than anyone else. He does not know why he is different, only that he is and that it makes his life harder.


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