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Lyra Brighton (OC)

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About the Mun

Username: ComicallyMacabre.
Number of characters attached to account: Just the one.

Lyra Brighton (OC) Lyrafa10

The Basics

Name: Lyra Angharad Brighton
Nickname(s)/Titles: Chief Librarian of Brightwall Academy, Nightingale
Age (appearance): Late twenties to early thirties.
Age (actual): Lyra is sixty-six. This isn't a fact that she generally cares to disclose, however.
Gender: Cis!Female.
Sexuality: Straight.
Species: Human.
Sub-Species: Heroic; Undiscovered.
Place of Birth: Bowerstone.
Relationship Status: Single.
Hair: Long, fiery auburn hair. Naturally wavy and usually plaited and/or put up.
Eyes: Big doe-eyes in an almost sleepy downturned slant with prominent eyelashes and thick eyebrows. Her right eye is a warm caramel brown, while her left eye is blinded and badly scarred, generally being covered by a patch, mask, or her own hair.
Frame/build: Average frame with a curvy but athletic build from frequent physical activity, as well as a 40FF bust which is almost always kept bound. Shoulders are wide and arms are particularly toned from swordplay and the constant carrying of heavy books. Body type is endomorphic and pear-shaped.
Height: About 5'4''.
Aprox. Weight: Lyra is of a healthy weight and is quite toned and athletic beneath her natural curves.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Covered from head to toe in scars. Some are delicately-patterned and tattoo-like markings of curious origin and others are from various battles-- most noticeably a long, gnarled diagonal scar going from her forehead and partway down her chest. She also has light freckling on her shoulders.
Powers/Skills: As of yet, Lyra has displayed no particularly magical abilities, but she is highly sensitive to magical energies and is very, very proficient in melee combat. She is also very intelligent and can strategise quickly when the situation calls for it and can take a beating like you wouldn't believe due to a ridiculous pain tolerance level.
Weaknesses: Lyra is a middling shot at best when it comes to ranged combat, and prefers to avoid using firearms, (and ranged situations altogether,) when possible; this is due in part to her partial blindness, which is a weakness itself. She is also easily provoked to anger and/or carelessness in the face of injustice and can be manipulated under the right circumstances, ESPECIALLY if innocents or people she cares for are involved. Among her fears are being caged in, alone, and helpless. There's also that fear of darkness that a lot of folks, for good reason, have acquired over the years.


Alignment: Lawful Good.
Personality: A prim and proper lady if ever there was one-- but a lady more than willing to get her hands dirty. Lyra is a withdrawn, diffident, and incredibly bookish yet unfailingly kind, passionate and scrupulous woman who believes in bringing change, however small, to a world gone mad. She comes across as a prude, idealistic stick-in-the-mud at first, but she is incredibly loyal and does have a soft and relaxed side, as well as a pretty good sense of humour despite her tendencies toward being more serious. She also has a great passion for the arts and history, particularly anything from the Old Kingdom and Heroes' Age, and modestly considers herself as something of an expert, having devoured books upon books of Heroic stories and lore throughout her life.

Lyra Brighton was born in Bowerstone to a strict but loving military mother, Rowena. Her older brother, Aidan, was a bit of a goofball but was also confident and courageous-- traits that would often get the both of them in trouble-- and had aspirations of joining the military himself one day. Even without a father figure, they were a happy and decently well-off family. When Lyra discovered books at a young age, she was immediately drawn to the concepts of Heroism and Will and would beg her mother and/or brother to tell her stories about the Hero of Bowerstone, or any other stories that she she could get out of them, and often would pretend she was a great Hero herself, slaying monsters and rescuing damsels. Unfortunately, the young girl's bookish ways weren't overlooked by other children, and she was on many occasions the target of bullies. Soon, their mother discovered this and moved them to Brightwall to enroll Lyra in a school for girls. Over the years, Rowena would train her two children in the ways of swordplay as a way of teaching them discipline and preparing them for later in life. After a time, the reality of living under King Logan's reign became apparent even to the young girl, as her mother left her and her brother at home to join a revolution she wasn't yet old enough to understand. Months passed and news came that the Princess-- no, the Hero of Brightwall-- had brought many forces to Bowerstone and had overthrown the King. Albion was once again under the rule of a brave and daring Hero, and everything seemed as if it was going to be fine. Except, Rowena didn't come home.

Lyra and Aidan were now without their mother, and were devastated. Aidan soon joined the military under the new ruler, and Lyra, more determined to learn about Heroes and the Old Kingdom than ever with all the good the new Hero Queen had done, began working under the Academy's chief librarian Samuel, doing everything she could to keep her mind off of her grief and her worry over the rumored oncoming Darkness.  The siblings grew apart somewhat, but still kept in touch via letters and brief visits.

A year later, the young girl couldn't stand the thought of her brother fighting alone in Bowerstone while she did nothing, so she took up her mother's sword and traveled to her birthplace to do her part in the fight against Darkness. It was a bloodbath-- the would-be Hero vastly underestimated just how horrific everything would be, and wasn't nearly prepared. She found Aidan and his fellow soldiers among the chaos in the nick of time, just as he was about to be struck down by a terrifying metal creature; without thinking, she threw herself between the two figures and suffered a grievous injury that blinded her in one eye and very nearly killed her, but she didn't fall, and battled the monster alongside her brother, running it through with her mother's blade before blood loss caused her to fade out of consciousness. When she awoke, she was in a makeshift stretcher being patched up by a field doctor, surrounded by the dead and dying and many soldiers, her brother included, who were amazed the girl still lived. But Albion had won, and the siblings returned home closer than ever. Years went by, and both Lyra and Aidan became more and more successful in their chosen careers, the former eventually taking on the role of Chief Librarian and the latter being promoted to Captain. They even practiced their swordplay from time to time, both improving vastly and enjoying the activity immensely.

And then war struck again. Aidan was forced to leave home to fight for their country, and Lyra was left home once again to worry over family she couldn't be there to protect. Once more, she threw herself into her work and her studies, but when the Queen disappeared and Aidan's letters became less frequent, she couldn't stay still any longer; she had to do something. Purchasing a cloak and mask, she took to spending a good deal of her spare time seeking out criminals in the night and dispatching them, leaving them bound in front of constabularies. It was sloppy work at first, gaining her a few more scars to add to her collection, but it was liberating and invigorating, and she grew more seasoned with time, eventually fashioning herself her own disguise inspired by her love of birds and more suited to protecting her identity and a life of fighting for justice. With the growing unrest bringing more and more criminals to light, Lyra's new identity earned a bit of a reputation among locals as “Nightingale”-- the name amused her, and it stuck. Soon though, a cryptic message from Aidan arrived, stating that he was going to search for “him” and that she shouldn't follow. The letters stopped coming after that and years later, Lyra still hopes he'll come home one day.

Now, even with everything that's happened, Lyra can still be found at Brightwall Academy, consuming books upon books regarding the Old Kingdom and the nature of Will, searching for answers to the storms and the return of creatures long thought gone from the world.

When she's not otherwise preoccupied, that is.

- Her older brother, Aidan; MIA, assumed deceased.

- Her mother, Lieutenant-Colonel Rowena Brighton; killed in action while serving her country.

- Her Father; ???

Likes: Sunny weather and sunrises, stars, the smell of old tomes, reading, a good cup of tea, anything related to Heroic history or the Old Kingdom, flowers, birds, warm colours-- reds and golds especially-- and swordplay. She also has a love of music, dancing and fine art.
Dislikes: She absolutely will not abide villainy, debauchery, cruelty, manipulation, or unnecessary violence of any kind. Other dislikes include: Hobbes, ranged combat, messiness, dark places, horse-riding, gnomes, war, crunchy chicks, and herself, among other things.
Quirks: Lyra often rubs her chin, purses her lips or furrows her brows when deep in thought, and can be easily flustered in more casual exchanges. Since her smiles are usually a bit guarded, much of her expression comes through in her eyes or, more specifically, her eyebrows, which are delightfully animated. She also tends to try keeping her hair tidy with her hands, as it can be quite unruly, and tries to keep the majority of her scars covered, often fidgeting with her clothing to do so.
Character Strength: Kind, loyal, passionate, intelligent, and shrewdly detail-oriented, as well as being fiercely devoted to helping others no matter the personal cost.
Character Weakness/Flaw: Lyra adheres rather too stubbornly to her rigid code of ethics, no matter how restricting it is to her chosen pastime or social interactions and can be painfully naive and idealistic at times. She's withdrawn and has trouble really letting her guard down around others and can be far too hard on herself. On top of all this, she is foolishly stubborn and reckless when it comes to knowing when to back down from a fight, and frequently runs herself ragged.
Current Financial Status: Upper-Middle Class, though she spends little on herself and prefers to live a somewhat spartan lifestyle.
Carried Weapons: She often carries a basic rapier when not working at the academy or partaking in acts of just vigilantism, but her real weapon of choice is a beautiful swept-hilt sabre inherited from her mother,. She also carries a parrying dagger and keeps a derringer pistol and a knife hidden on her person at all times for use in emergencies.
Other Important Facts:
- Lyra is left-handed bordering on ambidextrous.

- The majority of Lyra's scars are intricate scarification patterns she's had burned into her body over the years rather than battle scars.

- She comes from Sol's Heroic bloodline, though this is knowledge she isn't yet aware of.

- She can sew, sing, play piano and lute, and is quite the dancer if you can actually convince her to step out of her comfort zone; her education had a big emphasis on etiquette and skills related to the arts, and she's had decades to practice in her spare time.

- She is a terrible cook. No, seriously, she's bad. Also she can't draw.

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