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Xiro, the Jack of Blades (Example Application)

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Ancient Of Aeons

Ancient Of Aeons
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Xiro, the Jack of Blades (Example Application) Tumblr_nvz36aZYoS1tsrkauo2_540
Xiro, the Jack of Blades (Example Application) Tumblr_nvz36aZYoS1tsrkauo3_540
Xiro, the Jack of Blades (Example Application) Tumblr_nvz36aZYoS1tsrkauo1_540

The Basics

Name: Xiro
Nickname(s): The Jack of Blades, Jack (No one remembers this, however.)
Age [appearance]: 32 years
Age [actual]: At least over 2,000 years, probably much older.
Gender: Cis Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Asexual
Species: Fae bound in human form
Sub-Species: N/A.
Place of Birth: Unknown, assumed to have been born in the Void
Relationship Status: Single, not looking
Hair: Brown, long, usually pulled back into a ponytail by a leather cord at the base of his neck
Eyes: Brilliant amber
Frame/build: Lean, a bit on the lanky side.
Height: 6' 5"
Aprox. Weight: 180-210 lbs.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has a great many scars, most of which are covered by his clothes, but every once in a while, you'll catch a glimpse of one on the back of his hands or creeping up the back of his neck. The most notable ones are the scars 'round his wrists, which look as though they have been made by manacles or some sort of branding implement that burned strange symbols 'round his wrists. The same strange symbols can be found upon his chest. But all of these are hidden beneath his clothing and he will never undress in front of someone unless he trusts them completely.
The Jack of Blades is a mighty being and has many powers at his disposal. He is a person to be feared, a monster capable of untold destruction. He is not someone anyone should wish to challenge.

That being said, in the threads you see from me, he will not be overpowered and I will not godmod. I understand that while, yes, my character is a supreme being from another dimension, it does not give me the right to totally thrash your character without your consent or to make him impervious to injury.

Most of the powers you will see below are ones you see in-game or in the e-short by Peter David, and their limits and strengths are expanded upon by myself for the purpose of roleplaying. I have also added a few powers and abilities that I feel are plausible for him to have/are powers that the Fae, according to Celtic myth and legend as well as in fairy tales, possessed. There are only a few of these additional powers, though.

Now, let's get down to business! His powers and abilities are as follows:

•Teleportation: Otherwise known as "sifting place." He can transport himself and several others at a time to any distance, though the further away it is and the more people/objects being transported, the more exhausted he is by the end of it. Upon using this power, he and any others are sweapt up in red and black smoke and/or flame, depending on how far he is going, and usually those who are unused to such magic will be sickened afterwards. He will tell them to close their eyes and concentrate on breathing before taking them anywhere, but rarely does it seem to have any effect.

•Mind Reading: He can read minds, but it's an uncomfortable experience. Having someone root around in your brain for memories can be damaging, and people have a tendancy to put up barriers regarding their thoughts that can be taxing to remove. It is not a fun experience for either party, and so he usually tends to avoid it unless under duress. It does not matter how close or far away he is from the person he wishes to mind-read, but he must know their location and have met them before for it to work. He can, however, skim a person's surface thoughts and gain information painlessly that way, without disturbing the thinker in any way. This is how he is able to learn langauges so quickly.

•Telepathy: The Jack of Blades is able to open up a "channel" between his mind and another's, a bridge linking them so that they may communicate with their thoughts across any distance. This does not allow anyone to read eachother's mind, and whatever thoughts a party wants to keep hidden may do so. The link can be severed only by death, magical interferance, or by Jack himself.

•Influence/Suggestion: The Jack of Blades can use his psychic powers to give gentle "nudges" to other people or animals to do his bidding. These nudges are often impossible to perceive and are usually things like, "trip on that ditch," or, "you're fingers are suddenly clumsy; drop your weapon."

•Subtle Change: He can magically alter the world around him in minor to moderate ways, whether it be to coax a tiny flame into a raging forest fire, call forth the stone of the earth to form craggy barriers, or to purify a mucky stream. He has the ability to change the world's shape and few would realize there was something amiss.

•Aura: He has the ability to make himself appear either as harmless as a gnat or as terrifying as a monster to lesser beasts. This is good for keeping balverines and hobbes and other nasties away, or endearing himself to a horse previously thought to be untameable so that he may ride it. It can also be used to influence people, but not quite so strongly. He can influence people's emotions in this way, or give them the vague sense that something is off about him, should he wish it.

•Glamour: He has the ability to change his appearance in minor to moderate ways by way of magically influencing how others see him. This is good for disguising himself for a time, making himself appear to be dead/weakened/injured when he is perfectly healthy, etc. His enemies usually don't discover the truth until it is too late.

•Flash Step: It seems a lot like teleportation, except that he is moving too fast for the human eye to see and it only works for short distances.

•Levitation: Pretty self explanitory. He can levitate himself and other objects several feet above the ground.

•Summoning: He has the ability to summon creatures called "minions" to do his bidding. Variants include melee and ranged mage. They are odd creatures made of metal, it seems, and are made to look like men with the head of a dog. Perhpas possessed suits of armor? They look ancient.

•Super Strength: This one is self-explanitory. He is stronger than several men combined and has been likened to a one-man army.

•Super Speed: Like with the Flash Step, he can move very quickly, but one can see him move. No human can match his speed, but a few beasts can.

•Barrier: Jack can erect a magical barrier to entrap his victims or to protect himself from harm. Only a very powerful magic of equal to greater strength may be able to destroy it with brute force. He can only keep up the barriers for so long, especially when under duress.

•Weaponized Energy: Jack has the ability to summon pure Will energy to launch at his target. This energy manefests itself as balls of white light that spark and spit much the same way electricity would, but it's more controled than a lightning spell. In fact, he can launch multiple instances of this spell at the same time for a devastating effect.

•Fire: Like many Heroes, the Jack of Blades can summon and control fire, using it as either a weapon or a means of warmth or light.

•Force Push: Again, like many Heroes, he can use the Force Push spell, though his pushes tend to be a bit more violent or strong than normal spells of this type.

•Healing Magic: While not the most talented healer, Jack can heal minor wounds or illnesses completely, while more severe injuries or diseases will take much time and many applications to heal. Usually, he uses this spell to keep either himself or others from the brink of death until someone more skilled can offer aid. After a while, he can exhaust himself.

•Enchantment: Many sorcerors have the power to enchant objects, and the Jack of Blades is no different. In the past, he enchanted the Arena Champion's Seal so that he may keep track of the Hero of Oakvale's wearabouts and listen in on his conversations. Bugging objects is just one of the many applications of enchanting.

•Soul Transferance: The way the Jack of Blades has survived so long is this: his soul hops from one body to the next upon death, allowing him to hide from his enemies in plain sight. This power was gained from the Hero of Oakvale's second attempt at killing him. In his haste to open the Bronze Gate, the Hero unwittingly freed Jack's soul from the mask and allowed him to take possession of the dreaded Dragon of the Northern Wastes. Little did the Hero know that, though he used the mask to take Jack's soul and then tossed it into the fire, Jack now had the ability to flee the mask whenever he so wished.

On top of all of these powers, the Jack of Blades is a skilled swordsman. Even without his magic, he is still a threat. Approach with caution!

Physical Weaknesses:

While it is true that the Jack of Blades is a force to be reckoned with, like any other living creature, he has his weaknesses, and they can be exploited. He can be harmed by normal means, but it takes quite a lot to take him down. Assuming your character or the villain of a thread knows that he is one of the Fae, they have a handful of tools that they can use to do the Jack of Blades harm. The list is as follows:

•Iron: Specifically, Cold Iron, or iron found in a fallen star, is the most effective weapon against any Fae, although any manner of iron is potent. They fear it, and it can cause them awful, painful burns. Usually, the mere sight of it is enough to cause a Fae to back off, if not flee the scene. Iron chains can also be used to bind them, as they will be weakened and unable to break the chains.

•Salt: Salt is painful in any open wound, but for a Fae it's like Holy Water to a Vampire. It's not necessarily harmful otherwise, though.

•Faerie Magic: While yes, he is Fae, the Jack can be harmed by his own people, and their attacks are more potent than any magic a human can cast. There are certain artifacts made by the Fae--weapons, or magical objects designed to harm or neutralize targets--that can be used against him, too, provided that they are found in working condition.

•Psychic Attacks: The Jack of Blades has psychic abilities, and thus it may be difficult to assault him using psychic powers, but if the attack is strong enough or catches him by surprise, it can be very effective.

•Running Water: Unless the Fae is connected to a river or stream, most Fae cannot cross bodies of running water unless there is a bridge, nor can they swim successfully if they happened to fall in. Unless the water is very shallow, the Fae will likely drown.

There is also the possibility of attacking someone he cares deeply for, but such individuals are few and far between. And as I have said, he can be harmed by the same things that can harm a human, he just can take more of a beating before eventually going down.

The weaknesses listed above, while can be discovered on "accident" by your character, should be reserved for characters who know what Jack is, or at least have some sort of idea as to what he is. Such matters can be discussed with me in private, if you wish to take advantage of his weaknesses. Please do not use them willy-nilly and always discuss with me first if you want your character to know/discover Jack's secret.

Other weaknesses include:

•The Darkness & Corruption: The Corruptor is someone the Jack fears very much, and the reasons for that are many. But the Darkness and Corruption are such terrible powers that even the great Jack of Blades has trouble standing against. When injured by them, his wounds take a great deal longer than normal to heal, and he is much more susceptible to the nightmares and other problems that they cause. It might take longer to take root in him, but the effects are incredibly damaging.

•The Shadows: Jack may not view the Shadow Court as very much of a threat, but their sinister powers can certainly leave a nasty mark if he's not careful. Mostly, they stay out of each other's way, but if a fight were to go down between them, things would get messy. Jack is more powerful and would probably come out on top, but he would not get away unscathed.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Personality: Secretive, cunning, broody, especially hard on himself, distrusting as well as untrustworthy, fiercely loyal to the few he actually cares about, is either extremely negative or otherwise indifferent towards most humans, calculating and fond of strategy, but is known to make behave rashly when his back is against a wall.
According to Albion’s historic texts, the Court of Blades (the Jack, the Knight, and the Queen) came from the Void invaded Albion during the age of the Old Kingdom. Through burning, flooding, and eventually torturing the people into submission, they seized control of the land and ruled with an iron fist for many years. It was not until one man, the first Hero, named William Black rose up against them that Albion’s people actually entertained the idea of freedom. First, he stole the Sword of Aeons from the Jack of Blades. When it promised him victory over the tyrants, he bound his soul to it and went to do battle with them. He slayed the Knight, broke the body of the Jack, and after weeks of fighting, finally vanquished the Queen.

Centuries later, when the Old Kingdom had fallen away to reveal the new, Jack returned to Albion. He claimed many victories in the Arena and was also victorious in the Battle of the Bloody Harvest. He was celebrated among many as “The Hero of Heroes”. However, he had his eyes set on a very specific prize—his sword, which was bound to the Archon’s bloodline. In his quest for the relic, he did many horrible things including but not limited to: torture, murder, whole-sale slaughter, etc. The Hero of Oakvale, who barely escaped Jack’s grasp as a child, killed him and took his mask. Historic texts indicate that he took the Sword of Aeons for himself rather than destroy it, and in doing so, murdered his own sister to taste its power. With the sword in his possession, Albion’s historians say, he did battle with Jack another final time. He had returned in the form of a dragon, and the battle was grueling, but the Hero overcame him. He captured Jack’s soul in the mask once more, and threw it into the lava, vanquishing the evil once and for all.

Or so he thought.

Jack's soul fled the mask just before it was caught in the fires of the mountain and took refuge in a new host. Now in the guise of a young, innocent looking man, he travels Albion's landscape virtually unseen. In the centuries since his defeat, he has watched quietly as he passed into legend, then to myth. He disappeared from Albion entirely for a time, and has only recently resurfaced in order to take down the Corruptor and his cronies. 

The Knight of Blades - Younger Brother (believed to be deceased)
The Queen of Blades - Younger Sister (believed to be deceased)
The (former) King of Blades - Father (deceased)
The (former) Queen of Blades - Mother (deceased)
The King of Blades - Step-Father (Unknown, believed to be deceased)

Likes: Reading, hunting, battle, those who are intelligent or interested in an education, learning, teaching, being alone, travel, animals (or at least, he likes them more than people), causing the people he despises pain in any way he can/taking vengeance upon those who have wronged him, history, language, the sciences, peaceful places
Dislikes: People in general, losing/failure, unintelligence and/or stupidity, people with a distaste for learning and education, crowded spaces, being in one place for too long, being pestered with incessant questions, being disrespected or treated as lesser in any way
Quirks: His hair tends to fall into his eyes, and so he has a tendency to brush it from his face often. When he's thinking, his brow will furrow, and if he's very deep in thought, his lips will press into a very thin line. His scars make him uncomfortable, so he tends to pull on his sleeves or adjust his cuffs or collar to better hide them. He does this especially when he's nervous.
Character Strength: He's strong-willed and resolute, focused, and is not easily turned from his purpose. He is intelligent (though it's not unknown for him to make stupid decisions), resourceful, and willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done.
Character Weakness/Flaw: He's stubborn and cruel, and he has a tendency to judge himself harshly for any and all failures. He also is slow to trust anyone
Current Financial Status: Secretly ridiculously rich (he has stashes all over the country), but he lives simply so as not to attract attention and never has too much money on him at once. He lives as a Middle Class citizen.
Carried Weapons: A short sword and several small knives hidden upon his person.
Other Important Facts: N/A


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