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Meme Posting Rules & Guidelines

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1Meme Posting Rules & Guidelines Empty Meme Posting Rules & Guidelines on Fri Oct 09, 2015 11:33 pm


1. Always credit and link the meme's creator if it comes from anywhere off site. If the particular meme creator has requested that no one repost their memes anywhere without their permission, be sure to get their permission first, or do not post the meme at all.

2. When posting a meme or starter sentence pack with triggering material, be sure to make mention of it in the topic title, ie: Super Duper Angst Meme by AncientOfAeons (TW, Trigger Warning, CW, or Content Warning).

3. If a meme you are posting has NSFW content, make mention of it in the title, ie: Smutty Sentence Starters (NSFW, or 18+)

4. Please do not repost a meme that has already been added to the forum. If you are not sure, do a quick search through the forum to make sure it is not there before posting.

5. If you like a meme that someone has posted and would like someone to send you a symbol or sentence, post in the topic with “Send me one!” or some variant. If you receive one in your private messages, copy it and make a new topic in the Tales of Legend forum with the user's username in the title. It should be laid out like so: (Title of Topic), Closed with (Their Username).

6. If you want to send someone a symbol or sentence, copy it and send it via the PM system.


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