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Myra Jones (OC)

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1Myra Jones (OC) Empty Myra Jones (OC) on Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:30 pm


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Guild Initiate
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The Basics

Name: Myra Jones
Nickname(s)/Titles: Mia, M.J.
Age (appearance): 27
Age (actual): 25
Gender: Cis Female
Sexuality: biromantic demisexual
Species: Human
Sub-Species: N/A
Place of Birth: Brightwall
Relationship Status: Single
Hair: Light brown, on the manageable end of curly, and reaches her mid-back if straightened.
Eyes: Brown, almond-shaped
Frame/build: Slim, square-shoulders, not particularly muscular beyond the average traveler, long-necked with a shorter torso, small hips and average breasts.
Height: 5'6
Aprox. Weight: Skinny
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Birthmark on the small of her back that somewhat looks like Bloodstone
Powers/Skills: She is a good shot with a pistol, though of course no where near as skilled as Reaver. 
Weaknesses: She is not physically strong, and can be manipulated into doing something with the promise of archaeological expedition, or a good sob story.


Alignment: Neutral Good.
Personality: She is intelligent, well read, and unfailingly kind. She is a bit obsessed with her work though, and can easily become engrossed enough to forget she has other duties to attend to. This can often lead her to disregard the law when she is working as well. She also has a tendeny to be blunt, and some have said that the filter between her brain and mouth has a habit of turning off when she is shocked or surprised.
History: Myra was born into a well-to-do business family, though they were not a member of court life since their merchant-history wasn't seen as regal enough. Due to their financial status she was given a proper education and proved to do very well in history. Along the way she grew to love reading and studying archaeology and other cultures. As a teenager she volunteered to work in Brightwall Academy as a librarian. By the time she had grown of an age to leave her household and start her own life she bought a house in front of the academy, but is now rarely in it as she has taken up the profession of an archaeologist. She now travels around Albion researching different sites to see what she can find. Any books and major finds are donated to the Academy, naturally.
Family: Her mother and father still live in Brightwall.
Likes: Books of all types, history, archaeology, discovery
Dislikes: When people disregard others for their own gain, those who flaunt or abuse power, the color orange
Quirks: When incredibly happy she can start to fidget. It's controlled by her being trained as a proper lady, but she still has to fight the urge to just jump over something and hug someone, hence the fidgeting. When thinking she'll chew her lip or twirl something in one hand, and she can become so engrossed in work that she's lucky she remembers to breath.
Character Strength: Myra is kind and often helps others, she also has a habit of seeing the good in others until proven horribly wrong. She can remain calm as well in many situations, granted their danger does not reach life and death.
Character Weakness/Flaw: Her kindness can make her gullible, despite how intelligent she is her insistence that everyone has good in them makes it simple to manipulate her.
Current Financial Status: Currently upper-middle class due to her expenses from traveling.
Carried Weapons: A common pistol.
Other Important Facts: She can be found carrying a cutlass when exploring particularly dangerous ruins, but this is not a weapon she is particularly proficient with. It's more for when she runs out of bullets and needs to hack and slash something. Her use of it could make a trained swordsman weep.

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Ancient Of Aeons
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