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"Skully" the Sentient Skeleton (OC)

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1"Skully" the Sentient Skeleton (OC) Empty "Skully" the Sentient Skeleton (OC) on Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:06 pm

Ancient Of Aeons

Ancient Of Aeons
About the Mun

Username: Ancient Of Aeons
Number of characters attached to account: 2

"Skully" the Sentient Skeleton (OC) Skully10

The Basics

Name: He doesn't have one—or at least, not one that he can remember.
Nickname(s)/Titles: None as of yet; he has just woken up, after all. Perhaps Bones, or Skully?
Age (appearance): He looks pretty young for a skeleton. He's got a very nice complexion for his age.
Age (actual): He's got no real idea, but considering that he's a skeleton of a full-grown male, old enough.
Gender: Predominately male, although he doesn't much care what gender one refers to him as.
Sexuality: He doesn't really have one, considering his lack of loins with which to have the sex. Regardless, he'll flirt with pretty much anyone, if only to make them smile (or else mildly uncomfortable).
Species: Undead
Sub-Species: Skeleton
Place of Birth: As of this moment, that information is unknown even to him. He believes himself to have been born probably somewhere near Mourningwood, as that was where he was buried. Perhaps the Sunset Manor was where he called home? He can't really be sure.
Relationship Status: Single, on account of being quite dead.
Hair: None.
Eyes: None.
Frame/build: Being a skeleton, he's quite skinny.
Height: His lankiness gives him the appearance of being tall, but he's really average height. About 5'11”.
Aprox. Weight: Roughly 30 lbs.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: N/A
Powers/Skills: N/A
Weaknesses: He's highly flammable, like most undead.


Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Despite his situation and what he is, the skeleton is rather light-hearted in nature. He likes to laugh and delights in jokes of all kinds, especially puns. The world is a joke to him, and rarely will he take anything seriously. It's not that he is not bothered by things. In fact, a great many things DO bother him. He just chooses not to show it. For why cry when you can laugh? Laughing is far more fun, anyway. Beyond that, he is rather intelligent and articulate, unlike his fellow rotters, and is fairly polite despite his constant need to inject humor into a conversation, as well as his lack of a filter.
History: He can't remember much since waking within the darkness of his tomb. Mostly, he found himself surrounded by other undead, thought the situation to be the most ridiculous predicament he'd ever found himself in, unearthed a bottle of some sort of substance from his coffin, and proceeded to try to get drunk off of it until he realized that he no longer had the necessary organs. Before that is only darkness. He's not even sure if he was what had inhabited this body when it was alive, or if he's just a defective wisp or some such. It's all very confusing.
Family: Probably not any more, if he ever did. He's fairly certain that he's been dead for quite some time.
Likes: Jokes, laughter, fancy clothes and fancy hats, dancing, good drinks (or at least, he assumes he does, but he can no longer enjoy them), people who don't immediately scream and run from him, being in the company of others.
Dislikes: People with no sense of humor, wearing unfashionable/old/stinking clothing, being bored, and the fact that he can't get drunk off whatever it is that's in this damn bottle!
Quirks: He tends to tap his foot when idle and he make a lot of hand gestures when he speaks.
Character Strength: He's found that he has a remarkable ability to just 'grin and bear it', and he can find the humor in almost any situation.
Character Weakness/Flaw: On top of not being able to remember anything of his life, he is also quite forgetful. He'll often stop in the middle of a sentence because he's forgotten a word, or completely forget that he was supposed to do some very important thing.
Current Financial Status: He has exactly 0 gold and owns only his death clothes and the bottle of whatever.
Carried Weapons: He doesn't own any weapons currently, but a pistol would suit him nicely, as well as a rapier.
Other Important Facts: He speaks with an Irish accent and can sometimes be a little hard to understand.


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