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Ancient Of Aeons

Ancient Of Aeons


Q: Who are you nerds?
A: We are a group of people who love Fable a little too much, probably.

Q: I meant specifically the people who draw and write the comic.
A: Oh! Well, that would be this gal: Artist, and this gal: Writer.

Q: What is this roleplay about?
A: This is a group rp set in the Fable universe. It is based on a fan-made web comic that the admins are in the process of creating. The roleplay takes place at the same time as the comic (one year after the events of Fable: The Journey, 51 years after the events of Fable 3), and one will at times affect the other. See our Worldstate topic for more details: http://talesfromalbion.forumotion.com/t16-worldstate

Q: What is Fable: Archon Rising?
A: Fable: Archon Rising is a special project xemmyQ and Ancient Of Aeons have been working on for the past few years. It is a fan-made web comic and a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type story on an epic scale, and runs in tandem with the events of this roleplay group. We will be posting more about it soon, so stay tuned!

Q: Are you including the novels and short stories in the canon?
A: Everything that is included in the Fable canon is included within our canon as well. This encompasses all of the games, lore, and e-shorts. The novels (except Fable: The Edge of the World) may be included as well, but will not be referenced or supply lore. If you want to play as a character from one of the novels, simply run it by xemmyQ or Ancient Of Aeons.

Q: Why not include Fable: The Edge of the World in your canon?
A: To put it quite simply, it is a terrible book and everyone is out of character. Many Fable fans hate the book as well, so we figured it would be best to simply leave it out and pretend it does not exist. The only useful thing that came from the book is a good look into what Samarkand is like.

Q: You got a fact about the Fable canon wrong!
A: If we have gotten a fact wrong, please let us know with evidence to support your claim! We certainly don't want to base things off of incorrect information, and will appreciate the help. But please be polite! People make mistakes.

Q: I don't like an aspect of the roleplay/comic.
A: Well, you are entitled to your opinion, but if it really bothers you so much that you feel the need to complain loudly about it to us, then perhaps you should not be reading or playing with us at all. The comic is painstakingly and lovingly crafted, and while we do share it with you, we made it chiefly for ourselves. It is a story we wanted to tell and share. We're not going to change it just to suit your desires, because then it would not be our story.

Q: I find something about your comic offensive!
A: If you find something offensive about the comic, please do let us know! The last thing we want is to accidentally step on anyone's toes. We do our best to make sure that our work is not offensive, but we are people, and we're still learning.

Q: Why are there two websites for this roleplay?
A: At first, it was just the weebly, but the forums provided on a basic weebly are... lacking, to say the least. They were simple, but severely limiting. So, because we had already put a lot of time and effort into the weebly, we decided to keep it and link to another site for the forums. And so, the forumotion site was born! Now, the weebly is used as an introductory site and news/update outlet. We direct new users there first.

Q: Your site has a lot of ads/pop-ups...
A: We recommend that you install adblock or a similar extension for your browser to take care of this problem. Because Forumotion is a free forum hosting site, it relies on ads to pay its way. Unfortunately, some of these ads contain malware, and it's important that you use adblock to keep it from infecting your computer. With adblock, your computer will be completely safe from this malware, so don't worry.

Q: Is there a mobile version for the sites?
A: There is, but we don't recommend using it when it comes to the forumotion site. Free forum hosting websites such as forumotion have the unfortunate tendency to host ads. Normally, this would not be a problem, except that these ads sometimes contain malware. On a laptop or desktop computer, this is easily avoidable using adblock or similar extensions, but on a phone or other mobile device, this is impossible (as far as we know). It's best to just be safe and wait until you can get to a computer with adblock installed or a good firewall.

Q: Who is Lyric the Bard?
A: Lyric the Bard is a sort of mascot character for the comic and roleplay. He is a storyteller and guide of sorts, as well as the story's narrator.

Q: Can I play [insert canon character here]?
A: The answer to that question depends on whether or not the character is already taken or reserved, if the character is dead in canon by the time the roleplay takes place, and if they are one of the main characters within the comic itself. Here is a comprehensive list of the characters available: http://talesfromalbion.forumotion.com/t13-available-canon-characters

Q: Are OCs accepted?
A: And encouraged! This is a sandbox roleplay, meaning you can play as almost anyone you like. So long as the OC can feasibly exist within the Fable universe, then they will likely be accepted. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to one of the admins about it!

Q: My character application was not accepted. Does that mean I can't join?
A: Not at all! When an application is rejected, we'll give you a list of reasons as to why. If it is at all possible to salvage and rework the character so that it will work, we'll also offer advice and help in doing just that. If it can't be fixed, feel free to try for another character! Keep at it, and good luck!

Q: Why is [insert canon Hero here] so old? Shouldn't they be dead by this point?
A: The comic and roleplay operates on the assumption that Heroes tend to live longer. For our purposes, full-blown Heroes such as the Hero of Oakvale, Reaver, Theresa, Garth, and Hammer would naturally live to be about 230-250 years old, while people with Heroic blood without actually being Heroes, such as Logan, Ben Finn, and Walter, would live to be about 150-180 years naturally. Regular humans live to be about 60-80, usually.

Q: Where are your rules?
A: Our general rules can be found on the weebly under the rules tab, but each board on the forums has its own set of rules, and they should each be respected. These rules will show any time a new topic is created within that forum board.

Q: Help! I don't know how to use a forum!
A: Fear not, friend! We have created tutorial videos! They can be found here: http://talesfromalbion.forumotion.com/t8-basic-site-use-tutorials

Q: Someone is being a bully. How do I report them?
A: If you cannot resolve things peacefully on your own, contact Ancient of Aeons, Lyric the Bard, or xemmyQ via email or private message. Leave a detailed account of what this person has done, with links if at all possible. Also, add them to your “Foe” list via your profile. This will effectively block them and prevent them from contacting you. Beyond that, do not attempt to contact them again or involve yourself further. We will be sure to take care of the problem asap.

Q: I keep getting the same notifications!
A: No, you don't! Those are just the ones from earlier. You need to delete notifications in order for them to go away. It's dumb, I know.


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