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What is Fable: Archon Rising?

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1 What is Fable: Archon Rising? on Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:59 pm

Ancient Of Aeons

What is Fable: Archon Rising?

Fable: Archon Rising is a special project xemmyQ and Ancient Of Aeons have been working on for the past few years. It is a fan-made web comic and a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type story on an epic scale, and runs in tandem with the events of this roleplay group. Here's a short summary to better explain what the comic is about:

Albion has become a darker place. Monsters and creatures seem to have crept out of the storybooks and legends, the government is crumbling, and strange storms are slaughtering people in droves. Magic and Darkness are returning to Albion, and an old enemy has come to reclaim what was once his. His influence is far-reaching, and his forces are as strong as they are wicked. But what is to become of Albion without its Heroes to protect it? A prophecy arrives in whispers upon a blind man's lips: A Hero shall rise up, and their actions alone will reshape the world.

Fable: Archon Rising will begin shortly. Please be patient with us while we work!


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