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Roleplay Guidlines

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1Roleplay Guidlines Empty Roleplay Guidlines on Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:29 pm


1. Always be kind and courteous. Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

2. Write with proper grammar when posting to the roleplaying forums. When OOC, so long as what you write is legible and understandable, proper grammar is not necessary. If English is not your first language, that is fine, but do make an effort! Let us know that English is not your first language, please.

3. We only require that you post at least once a week after making an account and gaining character approval. If you have lost your muse or cannot meet that requirement at the moment, but do not wish to lose your character, then please let LyricTheBard know either through private messaging on the forums or the contact form on this site so that an agreement might be reached.

4. OCs are welcome and encouraged, but please make sure they are realistic and fit within the world of Fable.

5. You can have more than one character attached to your account, but no more than three, and you have to put in an application for each.

6. Try to keep your portrayals as in-character as possible. If we feel that your portrayal is getting a little unrealistic or out of hand, we will gently ask that you rein it in.

7. That being said, do not tear another player's portrayal down simply because it does not match your own vision for the character. Every person's take on a character is unique and worthy of respect.

8. Absolutely no godmodding.

9. Smut is allowed only between two consenting individuals who are 18 years or older, and 'NSFW' must be included in the title of the topic.

10. Triggering material must be hidden under a "spoiler" cut with a warning included in the text before the hidden material.

11. Death threats, threats of violence, and sexual harassment in an OOC setting are prohibited and will result in immediate and permanent ban.

12. Read the guidelines for application before applying a character for approval.

13. Read the guidelines for each forum before posting or making a topic within that forum for the first time.

14. Have fun! Remember that this is a hobby. Don't take things too seriously. Take a breath, step away, calm yourself down if you need to, and remember that this is not supposed to be a stressful activity.


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